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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only train service dogs?

Short answer: No, while service dog training is my passion I am also proficient in many different areas of dog training. Reach out to see if I can assist in what you're needing help with or point you in the direction of someone who is a better fit.

"Can my 5 year old pet dog be a service dog?"

I receive messages like this daily and while I wish it were that simple it just is not. Successful service dogs go through rigorous training that usually begins very early on in their life. This ensures the dog is raised intentionally in a way that they are exposed to everything they need to experience at a very young age which sets them up for success later in training. While it is definitely still possible to train an older dog to become a service dog, the chances of them being successful are lower and by the time the dog would be done with training it might not have a long working career.

"Do I qualify for a service dog?"

You must be disabled and the dog must be trained to perform a task directly related to the disability.

"How long does it take to train a service dog?"

While every dog & handler are different, it typically will take around 2 years to successfully train a service dog that can task, handle many different environments, and ignore distractions proficiently.

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